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Saturday, January 29th


We were out with friends who are relocating to Phoenix. There was snow or something like it at the house they were looking at.

Drydune @ 09:37 PM MST[Link]

Wednesday, January 26th


We now have safe water woo hoooo!!!

Here is the article:

Tap Water Safe

Drydune @ 11:19 PM MST[Link]

Tuesday, January 25th

Don't Drink the water continued............

I am boiling some water tonight. Too lazy to go buy any and fight the crowds. The news says we have to wait 36 hours for the test to come back so tomorrow around noon. We don't feel sick, yet............Of course, probably no coffee again tomorrow so I will really be cranky.

See this link:
Yucky Water

Drydune @ 08:38 PM MST[Link]

Don't drink the water, in Phoenix that is.....

I found this out after I had already brushed my teeth this morning. hehe. Here is an article about the water "disaster".

Don't drink the water

Drydune @ 01:59 PM MST[Link]

Monday, January 24th

Hoover Dam

I was talking to my mom today about the Hoover Dam pictures and she was suprised to hear about all of the vehicle restrictions on crossing since September 11th. All vehicles not allowed through have to go to Vegas by way of Laughlin which is a bit longer trip. No 18 wheelers can cross,and at any time they can refuse crossing to any vehicle. There are checkpoints set up on both sides, I will definately take pictures next time. Its kind of strange but we are so used to it by now I did not even think about it. They are working on a bypass project which will include a bridge over the river near the spillway area.

This link talks about what kind of vehicle restrictions there are:
Crossing info

This link talks about the overall project and has some artist renderings of what the project will look like. The bridge will probably be pretty amazing:

Hoover Dam Bypass Info

Drydune @ 12:23 PM MST[Link]

Saturday, January 22nd

Trip Pictures

I put the Vegas Trip pictures in the Photo Album. I did not really have time to take very many. A few turned out good of Hoover Dam and some balloons taking off on the way back. I crop all of the pictures so they download quicker on the site. If anyone wants a high resolution one for some reason just email me with the picture number and I will send it. See ya soon.

Drydune @ 03:19 AM MST[Link]

Friday, January 21st


Ok I am getting some of the pictures in the photo albums. For some reason it was not easy. Just got back from Vegas on Tuesday and only lost about $50. I will have those pictures up soon I hope. Have not been feeling well, caught a cold out there

Drydune @ 03:48 AM MST[Link]

Saturday, January 15th

Test Phone Blog

Was messing around with this tonight. this picture should update anytime I send a pic from my cell phone, pretty cool huh?
Thanks to Thomas Phetus.net for sending me in the right direction. Rich sent me to him so thanks Rich!!! But alas, now my Archives are acting funny again by not displaying the number of comments on a post. Talk to you all soon!

Drydune @ 04:31 AM MST[Link]

Thursday, January 13th


Here is a picture of the kitchen at night per Charlie's request. Was just messing around with the shutter on the camera. I have to crop the pictures for the main page so they download faster. I am working on an archive so that you all can download the full pics if you want the better resolution. Talk to you all soon! :)

Drydune @ 10:26 PM MST[Link]


There are 2 birthdays coming up, look out for further news!!

Drydune @ 09:19 PM MST[Link]

Tuesday, January 11th

Nice and new

This is a new place just below the Castle. Josh loves this one

Drydune @ 02:41 AM MST[Link]

Monday, January 10th

Castle House

Drove by the Castle on the south side of Camelback yesterday. Its for sale again. No kings living here though.

Drydune @ 01:35 AM MST[Link]

Sunday, January 9th

Ice Storm in Kansas City

The stuff hanging on the trees is ice. My mom took this from her house around Jan 5th.

Drydune @ 06:05 AM MST[Link]


Here are some red rocks by the house. They are on the south side of the mountain:

Drydune @ 05:33 AM MST[Link]

New Site

My friend Rich and I worked for quite a while today on this website. Actually, I think I mostly watched while he worked. At any rate I created this site as a place for family and friends to keep up to date on what's happening here in Arizona. Since I am from Kansas City, Mo we will have information about that too. I picked Camelback Mountain.net since we live close to the mountain and it is one of my favorite places to go hiking. I will have some pages up soon hopefully, so keep your eye out. Rich, thank you very much for the help today, I learned alot.


P.S. Anyone is free to make comments by clicking on the red [link] button below.

Drydune @ 04:38 AM MST[Link]